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By tomhoover

I have 2 of the first generation 1-ch esp32 lora gateway boards. I'm looking for a schematic for these. There is an updated version of this board now available as the WRL-15006. This schematic is in the github repository and appears to have overwritten the original schematic.

I would also like to have a list of the differences between the boards, I wasn't able to find a change log for the two products.

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By sparky
The original SparkX black version has a repo here:

And if you've got some other version that's inbetween the oldest and latest you can always 'go back in time' on github by viewing the files by clicking on commits, then 'Browse Files'

For example, here are the 1CH Gateway files when v1 panel was added to the SparkFun repo: ... d3f5212798