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Tips and questions relating to the GPS modules from SFE
By PaulC
Eagerly took delivery of my Lassen iQ kit. Used the Configurator program to enable GSV messages and change the Port 2 data rate to 9600 bps. This worked fine and I now get the GSV messages, but only at 4800 BPS. Sadly the TSIP interface on Port 1 no longer communicates at any rate. My initially changes shouldn't have affected Port 1. Anyone have any clues how I can take control of my Lassen?
By dmnamibia
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Had a reference to some helpfull programs by FECSteve.
Dont know if it is still there

FESCSteve wrote:
OK - made it easier:

You'll need these two zip files and the instruction document: ... ... ... ctions.doc

I'll leave them up for a few days.

By PaulC
Thanks for your help dmnamibia. The Configurator program is what got me into this mess, it no longer communicates with my Lassen too. I am kinda stuck. :(
By ckuethe
Dumb question, but.... "have you tried removing the backup battery for a while?"
By PaulC
Thanks guys. S'funny how the "dumb" question nearly always provides the answer for me. Wonder what that says about me? Thanks again. Was hoping to sit and write decoders for the downloaded Ephemeris and Almanac Data - and also the TSIP data. Any clues where to begin?
By ckuethe
see - we have binary protocol support for a few chipsets/protocols, including TSIP. Gpsd is BSD-licensed, so you're welcome to reuse the code for other purposes, though we do appreciate it if you contribute fixes/reports if you find bugs. :)

I have some uncommitted code that attempts to decode the ephemeris and almanac messages. It's not terribly difficult, just watch out for byte order and alignment issues. You can either do the bit-banging (OR, AND, shift) yourself or you can define a big-endian and a little endian version of the structs and unions over which you will bcopy/memcpy your data.
By BigRedBee
dmnamibia wrote: You'll need these two zip files and the instruction document: ... ... ... ctions.doc

I'll leave them up for a few days.

Steve [/color]
I know it's been a while, but when I downloaded these files last time, I seem to remember that the documentation described some switches that changed the "mode" of the configurator from one that was able to WRITE the gps, to one that was able to write the CONFIGURATION files for the GPS. I have the program -- just don't remember how to switch modes.

By BigRedBee
to answer my own post...

Trimble now has one, integrated tool that provides the same functionality as the original iq_monitor, iq_chat and configurator. It's called "Trimble GPS Monitor" and the current version of 1.05.0


-- Greg
By MostlyHarmless
One bit of caution/info about the new configurator: it does not allow setting your iQ to the lowest supported baud rate (2400). It WILL communicate at 2400. It just won't let you set your iQ to lower than 4800.

For my application I want a SLOW baud rate. So I still use the old SQ monitor to set my baud rate to 2400.
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