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By pearshape
I had an MKR Wifi 1010 board connected to a new BME280 sensor. It was successfully sending readings for a couple of weeks and then seemed to stop working. By not working I mean when the sensor is connected, the boards CHRG light blinks rapidly, my IDE no longer can find the port the board is on and no data is sent from the board via Wifi.

Removing the wire connected to the SCL seems to at least let me connect to the IDE again but as soon as I connect the wire again everything goes pear shaped.

The sensor (using I2C) was connected to the boards VCC pin which outputs 3.3V and the board was connected to an iPhone charger for power.

Things I've looked into:
- tried the same setup on an Arduino Uno Rev3 and experienced the same issue.
- changed the wires to eliminate them as an issue.
- the soldering looks good
- the sensor was indoors is a dry environment

Any ideas on what may have caused the issue? or how it can be fixed? Is it possible the sensor would become faulty by itself over time?

Thanks for any suggestions!