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By grumpyengineer
So I've searched everywhere I could think of, including this forum, and have not yet found an answer. Does this shield need a library? And if so where do I find it? I've gone everywhere looking for how to exactly use this, I've only started with the arduino but have "graduated" up to motor control and actually had a project where I needed high amp capabilities and ran across this shield but I have found zero example codes to help me know how to use it, found a lot of others that show me what to do with different shields but I feel like I'm loosing my mind. Its a pretty simple setup I use a potentiometer for variable motor speed and a switch but for the life of me I can't figure out how to use the DEV-10618. Any and all help would be appreciated, I had been commissioned to alter a power wheels for a child with a disability and they needed more capabilities than analog circuitry would allow and have hit a road block. I got power to it so that is taken care of just now need to code with it.
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By DanV
Google "control transistor with arduino".
There is nothing magical about this shield - it's just a mosfet transistor on a board to provide control of device requiring higher voltage / current than the Arduino can provide.
Coding requires nothing more than controlling an Arduino output.

Also, on the device page on Sparkfun, examine the Documents tab (just under the "Add to Cart" button for schematics, etc.
By grumpyengineer
I will try that, I got the schematics I guess I was mistaken as to how it worked. Thank you for the answer you saved my hide. Are there any other suggestions to help out other than to pace myself better with arduino projects.