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By Tylorwashere
Hey everyone, so first off, I had this unit running on a breadboard setup perfectly, I love it. My issue comes when I tried to get it all put into a project box.

Basically I wired it backwards and gave it 5v. My power distribution setup isn't that great right now (I'm using a leftover quad pdb that is made for heavier gauge wire) and I made a mistake when soldering.

I don't have it connected up to an arduino yet, so I'm holding out hope that it will still spit out NMEA data, but when I plugged it in to test that everything was atleast getting power, the only component that didn't show signs of life was the gps (the little LED that shows if it's getting data or not didn't come on).

Everything else is getting power and working, the step down is putting out 5v, and the LCD is working. The leads to the gps are showing 5v on a multimeter.

So am I screwed? Or will giving it 5v backwards not hurt it? I don't want to waste the time getting it all soldered to my pro mini just to have to replace it.