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By Xyphon
I have an EL Sequencer and a FTDI 5V breakout I am not yet able to program the Sequencer. So far all my attempts get some variation on "programmer is not responding" when I try to upload the code.

I was using these instructions ... re-costume as a starting place. I soldered the 6 header pins as instructed and connected the FTDI to those pins. I have a cable running between the FTDI and the computer. The FTDI does occasionally blink it's LED, but the Sequencer never does.

Reading around the internet, I am unsure if I should switch the jumper on the FTDI to 3.3V (it is currently at 5V). The Sequencer pinhole is labeled 5V but the instructions I referenced indicate "EL Sequencer runs an ATmega328p at 8 MHz and 3.3V". Should I switch the FTDI?

I downloaded the latest IDE from There is now board option for the EL Sequencer, what should I set the board to?

Anything else that needs to be done to program this board?

Thank you,