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By 4scienz
I am using the Eagle schematic of the ESP32 Thing development board to create a similar PCB that has the functionality of the ESP32 Thing along with some extra connectors and features. I was originally using the ESP32 Hardware Design Guidelines to set up the MCU in Altium, and noticed that the schematic of the dev board does not exactly follow Espressif's guidelines.

Here are some examples:
1) The values for the caps in and inductor on Sparkfun's antenna subcircuit don't match Espressif's guidelines
2) The caps on the crystal oscillator (10pf for 26MHz) on Sparkfun's circuit are a tenth of what Espressif recommends (100pf for 40MHz)

I understand that some variation may be due to specific external ICs that were chosen, but I'm wondering why the designers of the ESP32 Thing would have deviated from the recommended application notes?

Please feel free to recommend better ways to ask this question! I'm new.

ESP32 Hardware Design Guidelines: ... nes_en.pdf
Sparkfun ESP32 Thing schematic: ... ematic.pdf