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By StealthRT
Hey all I am having the hardest time trying to figure out how to go about the order of decryption the encrypted text.

This is my sketch code:
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#include "AES.h"
#include "base64.h"

AES aes;

void gen_iv(byte  *iv) {
    for (int i = 0 ; i < N_BLOCK ; i++ ) {
        iv[i]= (byte) *(volatile uint8_t *)0x3FF20E44;

void setup() {

    char b64data[2000];
    byte cipher[1000];
    byte iv [N_BLOCK];
    char *encodedFinal;

    Serial.println("Let's encrypt:");

    byte *key = (unsigned char*)"5TGB&YHN7UJM(IK<";
    byte *my_iv = (unsigned char*)"!QAZ2WSX#EDC4RFV";
    char *msg = "{\"data\":{\"value\":300}, \"SEQN\":700 , \"msg\":\"IT WORKS!!\" }";

    //Set the key for AES
    aes.set_key(key, sizeof(key));

    Encoding section

    //Encode IV to Base64
    base64_encode(b64data, (char *)my_iv, N_BLOCK);    
    Serial.println("      IV -> Base64: " + String(b64data));
    Serial.println("       Orignal Msg: " + String(msg));

    //Encode message into Base64
    int b64len = base64_encode(b64data, (char *)msg, String(msg).length());
    Serial.println(" Message -> Base64: " + String(b64data));

    // Encrypt into AES256   
    aes.do_aes_encrypt((byte *)b64data, b64len , cipher, key, 256, my_iv);
    Serial.println("Encrypted: " + String(b64data));

    //Encode everything now in Base64
    base64_encode(b64data, (char *)cipher, aes.get_size());
    Serial.println("Encrypted -> Base64: " + String(b64data));
    encodedFinal = (char*)b64data;
    Serial.println("Final encoded: " + String(encodedFinal));

    Decoding section

    //Decoding everything from Base64
    char b64dataDecode[2000];
    byte cipherDecode[1000];

    //Decode from Base64 to Encrypted msg
    base64_decode(b64dataDecode, (char *)encodedFinal, aes.get_size());
    Serial.println(" Base64 -> Encrypted: " + String(b64dataDecode));

    //Decoding from Encrypted
    aes.do_aes_decrypt((byte *)encodedFinal, base64_dec_len(encodedFinal, String(encodedFinal).length()), cipherDecode, key, 256, my_iv);
    Serial.println("Encrypted -> Original Msg: ") + String(encodedFinal);


void loop() {
  // put your main code here, to run repeatedly:

And this is the output I get:
Let's encrypt:
Orignal Msg: {"data":{"value":300}, "SEQN":700 , "msg":"IT WORKS!!" }
Message -> Base64: eyJkYXRhIjp7InZhbHVlIjozMDB9LCAiU0VRTiI6NzAwICwgIm1zZyI6IklUIFdPUktTISEiIH0=
Encrypted: eyJkYXRhIjp7InZhbHVlIjozMDB9LCAiU0VRTiI6NzAwICwgIm1zZyI6IklUIFdPUktTISEiIH0=
Encrypted -> Base64: sD9f8LnxQrlOvTODLbzXPM5wWMk6+KnpmGiowTtKswGK80+yf9DyHjjiF94TwUpP/1V4f9KsHA7+1oAmBy12Dl8Dvk/ZclFvNeNrXSwCFlU=
Final encoded: sD9f8LnxQrlOvTODLbzXPM5wWMk6+KnpmGiowTtKswGK80+yf9DyHjjiF94TwUpP/1V4f9KsHA7+1oAmBy12Dl8Dvk/ZclFvNeNrXSwCFlU=

Base64 -> Encrypted: ⸮?_⸮⸮B⸮N⸮3⸮-⸮⸮<⸮pX⸮:⸮⸮⸮h⸮⸮;J⸮⸮⸮O⸮⸮⸮8⸮⸮⸮JO⸮UxҬ⸮ր&
Encrypted -> Original Msg:
As you can see above, the decryption is not working correctly. The encryption works just fine though (but i think the Encoding part is not coming out correctly since its the same as the Base64 encoding?).

Help would be great in order to solve this issue!
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