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By WhereBob
I want to purchase a USB controlled unit to convert from my manual DW Instek SFG-2110 signal generator.

The reason for the switch is because I have about a dozen frequencies from 30hz to 5000hz which I want to batch mode output (by selecting a pre-recorded or pre-designed saved configuration of all the frequencies and run times) individually and sequentially from the replacement USB Signal Generator I am going to purchase.

My current output settings on the Instek are: 1) BNC output 2) 4.8+ DC offset and 3) Triangle Wave output.

My needs are to :
1) Reproduce my old output per the settings above
2) Easily create and save the dozen frequencies & run times as a configuration for simple playback
3) Avoid getting cheap garbage or an overpriced unit
4) Keeping it simple to match my lack of engineering chops and experience

Any recommendations are greatly appreciated.