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By jbillauer
Hey everybody!

I'm trying to prototype a rather large project with some I2C communication but I don't want to solder any headers on the components that I have for testing because in the end they will be rather far apart from each other. I have alligator clips but a lot of the pins are too small for that. Any other methods would be much appreciated!!!

Also for the I2C, I'm curious how the circuit should be soldered? All I found online are examples of people breadboarding several slaves together but not anything that is for a more permanent project.

Thanks :)
By millercommamatt
Clip all the header pins into singles and desoldering will be easy. Just make sure you keep everything aligned. A solder sucker and solder wick should be in your tool kit.

SCL and SCA lines can either daisy chain or just tie back to a single point. It will work either way.
By jbillauer
The clipping of the header pins is a great idea, I never thought of that! Thank you.

I'm not sure I understand what you mean with how to daisy chain the SCL and SDA lines. Would you mind explaining it a little more or pointing me in the direction of a tutorial/image?

I will have one master device (Feather M0) hooked up to six slave devices (Temp+Humidity, GPS, UV, Air Quality, Barometric Pressure+Altitude, and finally a TFT screen with a joystick and two buttons.

Thanks again!
By n1ist
Assuming that all of the sensors are 3.3v parts, connect the Feather's SDA to the first sensor's SDA; from there, connect it to the second, etc. Do the same with SCL.

Make sure only one board has the pullup resistors on these two pins.