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By JudeWelsh
I'm interested in the Picobuck LED Driver to drive several high brighness LEDs; the hookup guide mentions (and shows) four of the COM-13104 3watt LEDs in series - per channel.

The Picobuck spec mentions a max current delivery of 660 mA per channel with a jumper change. The hookup guide shows four 3w LEDs in series. Each draws 750mA, so that's (4x.75a) 3 amp current draw. This exceeds the stated 660 mA per channel.

I may only drive one 3w LED per channel, and that will still exceed the max current by 750-660= 90 mA (without changing the sense resistors)

Can a Sparkfun engineer or product specialist please clarify?
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By darrellg
Connecting LEDs in series does not increase the current requirement. The current requirement for three LEDs in series is the same as one LED. It increases the voltage requirement, and 3 LEDs in series will drop 3 times the voltage as a single LED.

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