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By davefollmer

I recently purchased an Asus transformer book T100, the newer model with the upgraded processor. It runs windows 8.1, which I am not used to. In case you aren't familiar, this computer is a tablet that can dock in a keyboard and runs full windows. I only just got used to windows 7 this year. After playing around with metro and the desktop mode for a little while I decided to try and make the computer run more like classic windows. I then searched up classic shell. Prior to installing classic shell and when using the computer as a tablet without the keyboard attached, any time I clicked on any text box, the onscreen keyboard would pop up automatically. Not the accessibility keyboard, but the mobile style tablet one. Also, although the classic desktop mode and most programs would not auto-rotate the screen when I re-oriented the tablet, some would, particularly some of the preinstalled microsoft apps, such as outlook. I can't remember all the apps that would do this but it was definitely some of them. Both the auto-keyboard and auto-rotate make the pc work much like a tablet, which is primarily what it is and it is a huge pain to use the tablet without these features?

Please help.

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