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By level6
I'm a new SparkFun product user and came here to search about the Micro Pro. Every time I try to perform a search things spin for a while and then my browser get a 500 error from the server. I've tried this with several browsers with the same result. I even tried narrowing down the search criteria, with no joy.
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By phalanx
Now that you mention it, it's not working for me either. I'll pass it along to the appropriate people.

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By DanV
Searching for "pro-micro" or "pro micro" or "micropro" returns a 500 error because it didn't find any results.

Searching for "promicro" returns many found threads.
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By phalanx
Here is what one of the Sparkfun Administrators had to say:
I've optimized the search tables in the database, it seems to be working now. Please let me know if this continues. I'll have to up the timeout on php if it continues.
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By darrellg
I can't fix the forum search, but I do have a tip that might help. Google supports a search operator that allows you to specify a site. For example, if you use
Code: Select all your search terms here
you'll get results for your search terms that are restricted just to pages from this forum.