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Have a good idea for a new product for SFE or Olimex? Let us know!
By Myself
Once in a while, it would be nice to have motion without magnetic fields. Anything with a compass, for instance. Maybe you also want to drive a little needle, or unlatch a door, or.... whatever.

Camera lenses have had ultrasonic motors in 'em for years. I believe it's a ring of piezoelectric material, but haven't looked into it in much detail.

Newscale makes some totally wild little motors that use a piezoelectric twisting effect to "hula-hoop" a shaft around.

Are there other offerings in this space? How would a hobbyist get their hands on them? I feel like SFE could help here...
By jremington
Hydrostatic/pneumatic motors and cylinders come in all imaginable sizes and won't be going away, ever!
By lyndon
Good point. I was going to suggest pneumatics or hydraulics, but you'd potentially have fields from the coils of the solenoid valves.