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By phalanx
A while back I was asked to set up a new subforum for Sparkfun tutorials but not make it available to the general public until the people supporting it were ready for it to go live. Apparently they may have forgotten about it since their new tutorials are online. I'll follow up with the appropriate people and let you all know.

By jfet
Is there really going to be an LTSpice SparkFun Forum??
If yes, is there a timeframe anytime soon?
I'm looking for component libraries, with things like a potentiometer, op-amps, and an LM386.
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By phalanx
My follow-up PMs to the person who requested the forums have gone unread. I'm reluctant to make them publicly viewable if no one is supporting them. I'll see if I can get any more information but I can't promise anything.