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I am building a pinball game for my grand daughter buy re-themeing an older machine. This machine currently does not now play any audio, it is an early Bally Solid State machine that plays chimes. It plays these chimes by hitting xylophone style metal bars with solenoids.

I would like to keep the chimes and add some audio, such as wav or FLAC or TBC files when various things happen in the game. One way would be to use a voltage input from a lamp or solenoid to activate an audio file.

I suspect that somewhere between 5 & 10 different files would be sufficient. These file could be activated in a serial fashion (a voltage input would play the "next" file). Or preferably a specific voltage input from a specific light or solenoid would activate a specific audio file.

The output would be to a speaker in the bottom of the pinball cabinet.

I found this item: ... 1512765780

This would seem to work if I could supply a ground path rather than a voltage, then output the signal to an amplifier then to the speaker. But I'm not sure how to get a ground path at present and there is a lot of hardware to integrate.

Wondering if anyone might have a suggestion on how to play an audio file given the pinball framework.