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By rickard.eklof

I'm building a project which needs to be battery powered for quite some time without recharging. I also want a battery monitor that will tell me the status of the battery.
I found these two parts:

* Battery babysitter (
* LiIo Battery 6Ah (

I could not find any answer if these two components would work together since the Battery is 3-cell and the babysitter states "charging cingle-cells". I've read some article about balanced loading would make it OK to charge them - so I'm not sure what the answer is.

Q1. Can these two parts be used together? (Both charging and monitoring)
Q2. If not, are there alternatives that suit my requirements?

Hi Richard,
The battery you want to use has a nominal voltage of 3.7V (single LiPo cell). There are three single cell 2,000 mahr LiPo batteries wired in parallel in the battery case to provide a 6,000 mahr output of 3.7v. It will definitely work with the Battery Babysitter.