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Questions relating to designing PCBs
By flocked
I'm wondering if the "rgb 3mm led" of the sparkfun eagle library has an error. This is how the part looks:

The pads are connect. They shouldn't be, right?
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By Ross Robotics
Yea it's ok here too. Maybe a resolution problem.
By InactiveUser001
Can you edit the pad information?

I have sen this in ther PCB packages, where a pad of a certain size is used in creating the component, whatever the pad is called the software gives it a number (lets say no 80 for this) and then when it is imported into the actual PCB the definitions in the PCB give that pad number (80) a different size.

Perhaps if some of those that have this component looking OK could give the dimensions of the pads they are seeing then you can change them in your pcb to match.