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By jontelling
I'm having the same issue, created a new "DB" today and it's the same. What's strange is in the list of streams I can see that it shows that data was submitted within the last minute, yet nothing shows.
I have the logs from my ESP showing success, even creating a dumb HTTP string and using it in the browser shows as works, yet nothing. I think there's a fault.... :/
By bestrya
I've had the same issue for the past three days. Anybody have an idea?

It happened after I cleared my stream. After that, my arduino posts data and receives the success response from the server, but no new data shows up in the viewer. I've created several new streams and they have the same issue. Even an http post url returns "success", but the data isn't there. Also, I can create new streams, but I can't delete any existing streams. It accepts my "deletekey", but nothing happens.