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By bairdmar
I'm trying to learn to use MQTT with I've downloaded a few clients and done lots of googling but I''ve not had lots of success.
I've created a very simple stream on with one field/data item. I'm trying to use the eclipse paho MQTT utility to publish data to that stream and I'm striking out. I am able to connect to the server (, using a generic username, and the public key from my data stream as password), but as soon as I try to publish data it disconnects and nothing is published. For what its worth, I don't really care what the MQTT client is so if there is another suggestion thats great too. I'd really appreciate any advice.
Thank you.
By pconroy
I'm sorry in that while I've done a lot of MQTT, I haven't started anything with data.sparkfun yet. I could only offer shot-in-the-dark debug suggestions. I don't know if data.sparkfun needs creds/certs, but it sounds like it does. In my experience, cert/TLS problems wouldn't let me connect. Since you are connecting, it sounds like something else.

The one MQTT parameter that bit me once was "Keep Alive". Make sure it's a nice high value until you understand the timing of your client.

Standing up a local broker is trivial (I've used mosquitto ( How about trying that? Convince yourself that it's not the client code? Get it working locally?

Sorry - not much help.
When I'm done messing w/ AWS, I'll start in on data.sparkfun (or Azure).