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By Ross Robotics
Just got an idea. Why not put the long term volunteers in their own user group? You can name it something like "Support Volunteers" or some thing like that.. It really wouldn't give a benefit, but would make us feel special.. :angelic-green:

The Karma Mod would be really sweet!
By CaseyD-SFE
Hi! Sorry I haven't responded yet. I don't have an answer, but I'm currently researching. :)
By lyndon
So this is where it came from. I just noticed the tag under my name yesterday.
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By Ross Robotics
Thanks! Now I feel special!

By Mee_n_Mac
I hadn't noticed until you mentioned it.

Do we now get a gluten free, sugarless, simulated chocochip cookie for Christmas ?

I take it as a given there will be no MaiTais handed out.
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By Ross Robotics
I like cookies!!

Now we just have to keep buggin them about the Karma mod!
By CaseyD-SFE
codlink wrote:Now we just have to keep buggin them about the Karma mod!
That I'm still working on. It'll need some help from our IT group. :)
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By Ross Robotics
Sweet, Thanks!
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By phalanx
As a quick note, I set the threshold for the custom title at 500 posts.

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By Ross Robotics
Good idea. Was wondering how you guys were going to determine status.