Need help with old mobo bios programming please.

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Need help with old mobo bios programming please.

Post by ChipD » Sun Mar 08, 2015 10:35 am

I have these old HP motherboards (asus tuw-la)that need a bios reflash. I have one with a working bios and 3 with bad flash attempts. Problem is these are OEM so no flash tools and also these are not socketed so simple pull n program is not possible. I would like to use my willem programmer but dont feel like desoldering and resoldering the chips.

They are plcc32 SST 49LF002A chips.

I have been google searching for a few hours trying to find info on what pins are used for programming. Can someone help me so i can wire these to my willem's zif socket or solder it to the willems plcc socket.

Thanks in advance.

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