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By sseeger
Hello all,

I bought just bought an XBee Wifi S6B. (I was expecting it to be similar to the WiFly that can easily post sampled i/o data to a webpage.) I am going to hook two temperature sensors to the analog inputs.

I have configured the XBee to send UDP packets to my computer on port 3054 - I can see them using netcat.

My question: Is there any existing software out there for Linux or the Raspberry Pi that can receive these packets and decode them? I'd rather not have to re-invent the wheel. I've searched extensively, but everything I found was for API mode with an arduino attached. I'm interested in just running the XBee with the two temperature sensors.

(I don't want to use Etherios because of the cost.)

By sseeger
Thanks, waltr, but I wasn't able to find what I'm looking for.

I am trying to read the sampled i/o UDP packets received on a linux machine or raspberry pi. One that is not connected directly to the XBee. All the examples and resources I found all talk about receiving the data through another XBee that is directly connected via serial port. I'm trying to save the expense of buying another XBee to listen through, since my computer is already connected to the same wifi network.

Any other ideas? It's also possible that I don't have my terminology down yet.

By Valen
Have you considered asking Digi support how the protocol over Wifi/IP works? If they have a protocol description or SDK. Any chance it is just an API packet encapsulated into a TCP or UDP packet?