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By wallyH
I bought a pair of XBEE PRO900 (Digi Part #: XBP09-DPSIT-156) (WRL-09099) and they worked well together. I wanted to try a network, and according to Digi, that model is superceded by the XBEE900HP. So I got some of them( XBee PRO 3B-DPST_001) and they communicated with each other.
Now I would like to have communications between the PRO900's and the 900HP's but I am not having any luck. Asside from having the same network ID, what parameters must be set to achieve compatablity?
By waltr
This question is best asked on the Digi Int forum or to the Digi Int tech support.
By wallyH
Thanks to mvut on the Digi-International Forum I learned that "They are different products running at different data rates and over different frequencies. They simply will not talk to each other."