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By heisenburg4412
Hey all, I'm a new user and I'm looking for some help/guidance on my project. I have a small 3v motor that I'd like to add speed control to. The only problem is that I have a very limited space issue. I don't have space to add any sort of breadboard to my project. I was wondering if this is at all possible, thanks in advance!
By Mee_n_Mac
How much current (max) does this small motor draw ? How were you intending to input your desired speed ? Are you dialing up a speed via a manual control or is there a control voltage or ??? that's going to set the speed ?

If the motor is "small" enough you might get away with putting a pot (as a rheostat) in between the voltage and the motor. Not the most efficient way but as simple as possible.
By heisenburg4412
the motor's rated current is .2A, and yeah I was looking to add some sort of dial, not really familiar with all this lingo so bare with me haha.
By heisenburg4412
waltr wrote:Search for PWM motor control.
This can be done with a 555 and a transistor.
Unfortunately I don't think this will work for me. My space is very limited and from what I see I don't think it'll fit in the space I need it to, unless there is some sort of tiny version of it. I have a space about 17 mm by 33 mm.
By heisenburg4412
Sorry I'm really new to this but the knob is gonna be on the outside of the container so no worries about that. What about if I wanted to do it like a toothbrush with clicking it comes a different speed like a 3 speed deal. How would I achieve that?
By Mee_n_Mac
The simplest way would use a multiple position switch and put a different resistor in series w/the motor. The resistor reduces the current to the motor and thus it's speed. This is however not the most efficient way. It's the same as my 1'st suggestion, but with fixed resistances vs a variable one (the pot).

OTOH if you want to use a single push button switch to "click through" the speeds, then the micro-controller approach (an ATtiny or PIC plus a FET) would be better.
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