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Have a good idea for a new product for SFE or Olimex? Let us know!
By sailMi
So I have been working on my first Arduino project and was really surprised that there aren't many good choices for environmentally sealed enclosures that allow you to connect sensors that are external to the enclosure. So I have a proposal for a product idea.

There is already a great relatively low cost enclosure out on the market by Cinch called the ModICE. All parts are in stock at mouser and total 38.51 for the enclosure, header, and a connector. The only missing piece is the PCB board. I propose you make a PCB board to fit this enclosure. ... enclosure/

I think the best layout would be to connect the external connector header to a "prototyping area". Then have an area for one or two Nano footprints and one or two Uno foot prints. The buyer would have to handle the interconnects between the areas, but maybe you could make it "easy" to put together a standard configuration connecting the controller, shields, prototyping area, and external header. ... S%20-E.pdf
By lyndon
I don't understand what you mean. There are literally thousands of NEMA4/IP66 sealed enclosures on the market that you could fit an Arduino into.
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By Ross Robotics
This seems more like spam to me..