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Have a good idea for a new product for SFE or Olimex? Let us know!
By mike.kup
Hello to everyone.
Sparkfun have a lot of nice breakout boards, especially for USB/RS232/485, FTDI chips and so on, as well as optical isolation board. But I am really missing something, that would make gallvanically isolated power supply to make for example PC-safe USB/RSxxx converter.
TI makes SN6501 chip and they are also doing an evaluation board with them -, but it is expensive and big and not soldering-friendly.
So how about some brakout board with SN6501 in configuration 5Vdc-to-5Vdc with LDO? There is nothing to invent - schematics and list of parts are allready given.
I personally think, this could come handy for quite some number of people who don't want to make their stuff be damaged.

Thanks for reading and considering things.
Please, because I am not so experienced in electronics, can anyone tell me, what is the basic difference between the board with SN6501, that I suggested and "DC-DC isolated converter", for example CME0505SC? Because if only efficienty, then forget my break out idea and I will just use those CME0505SC...
Thank you very much.