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By kirash4
Then there's inFlow which is free for up to 100 parts, after that it's $299 for unlimited, and $499 for the version with all the bells and whistles. As far as the OP's request, inFlow wouldn't work because its free version can't manage more than 100 parts, and the unlimited one is $299 ... both criterias will fail. :)

But it is a nice piece of software. So much so I've considered, for a brief moment, to write an open source, web based version of sorts for myself. But I haven't revisited that idea ... since I first installed inFlow to play with.
By NickIvanter
Parts-in-Place is a simple BOM & inventory web app that has been specifically designed for use with electronics parts, aiming to address this very pain expressed by George:
george graves wrote: The reason why I ask is last night it took me 7 hours to figure out what I needed to order from mouser. It was not fun trying to figure out what I had on hand, what was needed, etc..
By jrychter
Hey everyone,

I realize this is an old thread, but I thought I'd post anyway, for those people who came here recently. I had the same problem (keeping track of electronic parts) and ended up launching an application that does it right.

Check out PartsBox — it's free for hobbyists/makers. Businesses need to pay, but should get lots of value out of it, so that should not be a problem. Functionality is designed so that no hobbyist should need things from the commercial plans (you don't normally need lot control, internal part numbers, or real-time BOM pricing as a hobbyist).

--Jan Rychter
Founder, PartsBox · · Twitter: @PartsBoxIO
By cidadao
Hey guys,

This is an old thread but just in case someone stumbles upon it, here's my recommendation:

It's a software that runs locally on your computer (not cloud nor web based) but has several online utilities, making it "smarter". You can have as many databases (called Workspaces) as you like and its FREE for maker/hobbyist usage.