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By dlsio4
I work at a small science center and the Teagueduino would be the perfect tool to introduce kids to programming and robotics. I hope you decide to produce it.
By petejeffs
I'm Director of studies in a Paris Design School. One of our Professors put me onto the Teagueduino trail. I'd love to get students involved. It would be amazing if you could start carrying the hardware !

I know we are not alone in hoping !
Best wishes,
Pete Jeffs
école intuit.lab
Paris, France
By ekaputraa
It's sad when I just saw the entire project video in Teagueduino and I can't even make one like yours. It's the real fun education for all kinds of audiences. I'd love to get one when they're available and make some experimental design projects.

So, one vote for this! Please, make it happens and if you can, distribute these goodies to our region in South East Asia.
By teagueduino_wanter
I'm not even joking when I say I would definitely place a massive order for 1, maybe even 2 Teagueduino kits
By n1ist
It looks like the gerbers (and Eagle source) are available on the Teagueduino website. You can always just order a board from BatchPCB or IteadStudio until someone starts selling kits.