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By evaleto

I'm building a set of electronics pieces to replace with opensource licence each part of a low powered electric bicycle. I've already done some experimental parts for prototyping only, I think that sparkfun could be interested somewhere ;)

Regarding our specific usecase, we did a list of features that will be developed,
  • keep the bicycle minimal and beautiful,
  • our electric bicycle kit doesn't overcharge the bicycle it's light! without battery you can still use your bicycle,
  • the bicycle could be used as battery charger with a X% of human power shared for this usage,
  • the battery could be used for other purpose like led lighting or laptop power supply,
  • the charger is small you can carry it everywhere to recharge the battery on demand with a lot of power source (laptop power, solar panels,.. ),
  • the hub motor is ultra small with a power from 220W to 250W for less than 2.0kg,
  • no pedal assist, no useless wire, you press a boost button (ideally wireless) when you need help or when you want recharge the battery,
  • the kit construction will be available on opensource license
After, reading and learning about electronics and electric bicycle, I have a better idea on what should be done to make this a real product. And regarding my freetime (this is not currently a business project) here is my roadmap,
  • make custom battery real. with battery protection, and battery charger (the charger will be small and pluggable with several source of power as laptop power or solar panels : input 19-24V/4A), - this has already started and will be published soon on github LTC3862-2, LTC3873-5, BQ77910
  • make custom bldc motor controller TMC603,
  • manage I/O (throttle, breaks, power, data log ) with several devices, (bluetooth, rfm12b, etc..)

This is a freetime opensource project with source available here, I'm not an expert with those subjects and I will really appreciated technical help or any participation!