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By bbotany
Just a usability suggestion: have a second PCB color for the Sparkfun boards that are not 5V tolerant. I am considering the pro-micro line, and would like 3.3V to interface with my GPS modules, and 5V for a bunch of sensors that work better at higher voltages. I opened a 3.3V pro-mini window by mistake, and went "Awesome, the 3.3V is blue!" Then realized my mistake. The 3.3V and 5V versions look almost identical. : (

I realize this won't work for all products, since you don't choose the colors where you are a reseller, but for the SF boards, this would be a great bonus feature.
By gouky
I want to second this. Right now I'm using 2 FTDI's: one is the Lily version (which is violet) and the other is a 3.3V that is red. I chose the Lily specifically because it was violet and I could easily distinguish it from the other.
By nomuse
I third this. Maybe we could start a trend.

If Sanka had never started their advertising gimmick, how would us coffee addicts today know how to avoid the decaf pot at the self-serve?
By SnobFrog
Agreed. And to keep it Sparfun-y, they could play with variations on the red, white and black colors for silk/mask. A red silk on white mask would look pretty striking.
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