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By angelsix
Ok so analog switches no problem, 5p. Go to quad analog switches, 30p, I need 7 channels so the next logical chip should be an 8 channel... problem. I've searched the internet high and low, RS, Farnell, DigiKey, Future, Rapid etc... and I cannot find any analog switches above 4 channels that are individually controllable and all have individual ins and outs, not a common out.

All but two: ADG714, MAX335. Both of these are Octal Analog Switches, serially controlled. That is effectively ideal, although if price was cheaper I could have it as basically 8 analog switches all with in, out, enable, just shoved into a single IC... but I cannot find a single one anywhere.

The two options above are out because for one the price has gone from 30p to over 10x that, when I could just buy 2 quad switches for 60p, but I want to save on the components to solder. The second reason is they need to be able to run as low as about 2.2V (2.3V would be acceptable).

Am I missing something here, as surely they do ICs with many more switches than 4?