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How long did it take to get to your neck of the woods?
By carlton1212
I placed an order for around 150$ and forgot to change the shipping address to an address occuppied by either me or a family member. I had it shipped to the address they just moved out of on accident (it was automatically selected from the address book and i was thinking i would be prompted to enter an address on the next page). Im worried that if sparkfun processes my order and prints the label (as of now it still has a status of NEW ORDER) before office hours on monday (today is sunday) then i wont be able to have the address changed and someone else will receive my valuable package. Can sparkfun call UPS and have the address changed then charge me if it ships before they get my email? Or can i call UPS and have them hold it at a local hub if i give them the tracking number?

With ups the receiver can change the shipping address with the infonotice number they leave on the door after the first failed attempt. However this is different from the tracking number and it didn't specify if the receiver of the product could change the delivery address with just the tracking number.

Does anyone have more info on this subject?
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By carlton1212
Then my topic gets approved right at 5 o' clock after the invoice gets printed. Knowing my luck they will have it shipped out right before they get my email and call me then discover it was just shipped out. Hopefully i can use the tracking number and have ups do a will call at a local ups store before the first delivery attempt. I read a yahoo answer that said you could do a will call with the tracking number before the first delivery attempt but im not sure if it was accurate. Hopefully it was cause the neighborhood is not the best and whoever would receive the package would see the word electronics and not even think of calling me to give it to me. I still want to get in touch with sparkfun to change the address if possible.
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By phalanx
carlton1212 wrote:Then my topic gets approved right at 5 o' clock after the invoice gets printed.
Just so you know, I approved your post but I do not work for Sparkfun so there is no correlation there!

By carlton1212
Well i called sparkfun on monday during my lunch and they were able to change the address since i shipped with ups. And since ups had just received my package a few hours earlier i didn't incur a 11$ fee to change the shipping address. My package arrive in 3 days. Kudos. or is it cudos?

And to the above. I know you dont work for sparkfun and that this site isn't used for getting in touch with sparkfun employees....but i just thought it was kind of ironic.