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How long did it take to get to your neck of the woods?
By moorejohn90
Hi sparkfun group, I live in Myanmar(Burma). I want to order some of Arduino board and other peripheral(for my robot project). Can your company deliver items to Myanmar. If you can, I want to know the way of delivering. Can I receive ordering devices without damaging, lost or other occasion. PS Can you sent items to Australia. My friend live in AU. If your are difficult to sent to Myanmar, Can you sent it to AU address.
With best wishes,
Moore John
By Kamiquasi
Easily checked by signing up for an account at sparkfun.com , add items to your Cart, then go to checkout, and use the 'Calculate Shipping' option.

Both Myanmar and Australia are listed as shipping destinations. Which postal service is used depends on exact address, though. For a random address in Myanmar I only saw 'USPS first class ground', a random address in Sydney, AU I saw USPS and UPS options, but a slightly different random address in Sydney added FedEx as an option.

So set up an account, add things to your cart, and see for yourself what shipping options are available to you :) You can add other addresses to see shipping options to Australia etc.