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Questions about the BatchPCB service

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By kosullivan
Hi folks,

I'm working on a project that requires my PCB to be thinner than the normal ~1.6mm. My board needs to be ideally 0.76mm but my tolerance range is 0.68mm minimum, 0.84mm maximum for the unpopulated board. (The final board dimensions will probably be around 115x54mm 2-layer depending on how much I can squeeze it down to)

I can't see an option for this on the BatchPCB web site. Is it something I can do through you guys and if not, do you recommend any other options that are hobbiest/prototyper-friendly?

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By leon_heller
Most of the companies supplying low-cost prototype PCBs only use standard 1.6 mm PCB stock. You will probably find that your boards will be rather expensive.
By kosullivan
Thanks for that, I'll check them both out.
Meanwhile, if I was to attempt etching the boards myself for prototyping purposes, does anyone know where I could get thin photoresist or similar blank sheets?
By MichaelN
kosullivan wrote:...does anyone know where I could get thin photoresist or similar blank sheets?
I only use Press'n'peel iron-on sheets these days, but back when I used photoresist techniques I found Kinsten brand products worked well:

If you let us know which country you're in I might be able to suggest other suppliers.
By evanrich
you may also want to try They do all different sizes of boards, and are relatively cheap as well, although they kinda get you in shipping (international priority fedex that comes in like 3 days).
We ran a survey last year asking about if an option like this would be helpful to anyone. People checked out the survey but out of 700 people only 14 voted. Maybe sometime in the future we will have an option like this for Batchpcb, but currently we have no plans.
By kosullivan
I'm in Australia (Byron Bay to be more specific), so is actually a good option. Actually if I can get press and peel that would be great, so I might have a look around to see if there are thin options for this.

Also, I checked out olimex pcb manufacturing and like them as an option for thin PCB's. Sorry the BatchPCB vote didn't get more hits but I guess the uses for thin PCB's are fairly limited so it just isn't on most peoples radar.

Thanks guys,