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By bidon
Hi all

I want to buy some stuff and ship them with FedEx. One i came in to checkout section, Page shows 3 options for shipping international (As shown on image).

I couldn't figured out what should i do if want to use the FedEx option. Do i have to own an FedEx account for shipping? If i dont how can i chose the FedEx option? Because its looks like if i dont give a FedEx account ID on checkout section it will be automatically chosen as USPS. Im really confused. I've called my local FedEx agency and they said that i cant have a FedEx account individually, I have to be own my company.

The thing is I have sent 2-3 mails to sparkfun customer services and shipping management or something. Even tried the feedback on webpage. I couldn't get any answer from any of them. I wonder what would it be if had a real trouble about these issues? I cant get any answers from them. I would live hard times....

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By thebecwar
No, you don't need an account. You can leave that blank. I'd imagine that's mainly for their distributors.
By bidon
problem solved

For who had tha same problem in future;

-Check your postal code

-Check your adress try to write without special characters ( / * - : )