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By GalaxieJake
I am working on a remote car starter, using the arduino and a gsm/gps module.
There is a feature i would like to include in my project.
Its not generally needed, but would be nice to have.

I was hoping to be able to read the TPMS from the tires of the car.
Currently i do not have any TPMS in the car at all. (so i was going to get some cheap after market ones)

I was wondering if anyone has been able to read the pressure from the TPMS using the arduino and a RF 434Mhz Receiver?
If so i would greatly appreciate any guidance on how to do it.
I have never played with RF before, so i am a bit lost.

Thanks in advanced,
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By thebecwar
This depends mostly on the sending unit. I assume most of these use a proprietary protocol for communication with the receiver, but some of them come with RS-232 outputs.

On the remote starter- Don't forget about your neutral safety switch. The starter motor has more than enough torque to get your car moving, and without an interlock you'd be in trouble.

For my own interest -- what kind of vehicle are you doing this to?
By GalaxieJake
I was reading some where that they use clear text. so i can only hope its easier then i am preparing myself for.

The car is a 67 Ford Mustang Convertible.
The last time it was registered was 1973. (still has the sticker in the window)
Right now its at CJPony Parts in PA. Getting the body work that it needs done. I will have them do a lot of upgrades. Mustang II coil over front suspension. Coil over rear suspension, 5 lug disk breaks, Power windows and locks, And i am HIGHLY debating putting that new coyote engine in it, 412hp 25mpg (and thats for the new mustang, which weights about 800 pounds more then the 67) Would have to upgrade the tranny and rear end also. I will probably also go with the Dakota Digital gauges for it.
I will try to do the interior myself.

The arduino car starter will do a lot more then start the car.
It will be able to control the windows, door locks, convertible top. I will also be taking apart an aftermarket rain sensor and try to wire that in as an input, so if it detects anything that the arduino will text me saying, hey its raining and your left window is open, or your top is down. Do you want to roll them up?
I will be using the gsm/gps module so if my car god forbid is ever stolen i can just text it and ask the location.
(long term goal would be making an android app that will interpret the text commands and show them graphical in the app, so no one has too learn the commands directly )
I will try to make many versions, start out simple and just keep going with the ideas, a real never ending project.

I am debating putting in automatic lambo doors, i know the sounds of that go eww even in my head. The only reason i even considered it, is if i have them i could have the arduino control opening and closing the doors as well. With out that one main worry about hitting a car parked next to it. Which is actually what the lambo doors were designed for. The cars were so wide that you could never open a regular door in a regular size parking spot.

Thank you for your interest. The car itself probably wont be 100% completed for about 2 years. Based on my calculations. (which gives ford time to make more improvements to that sweet engine)
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By thebecwar
I know this isn't a car forum, but I'm glad you decided against lambo doors on a 67. Ain't many of those suckers floating around anymore, even less of them are restored and running, and almost none of them are numbers matching originals. I think the idea of a restomod is a great concept. If the guys in 67 had the tech we have available now, they would have definately found a way to put it in. I think it's a natural extention of hot rodding. Anyway...

The power locks and windows they're putting in -- are they modern or old stock. Windows you'd have to control at the switch/motor with 12v, but locks you may be able to control from the alarm. Some of them have an accessory input that you can hack on.

Interiors can be a bit of a pain, but if you get yourself some decent hog ring pliers (not the crappy autozone brand) it isn't too horrible. The Dakota Digital gauges are nice, and adapt to a lot of engine/trans combinations. I was looking at some for a 79 Corvette project (the project didn't get finished, and I had to unload the car).

Good luck.
By birvin
Galaxyjake have you successfully communicated with the tmps if so could you post the h/w and snippet of your code to handle the com between the 2. The main reason I'm interested in this is that I'm tire of toyota just putting a single light instead of telling you which tire is low which is why I'm in search of a projects that would allow me to monitor not only the 4 driving wheels but also my spare tire.
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