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By Woehrle
Hey everyone,
Has anyone successfully gotten the OpenLog to work with FAT32? I've tried Tz's FAT32 library, but there isn't much documentation on it. =[
If anyone has gotten FAT32 to work:
What firmware did you use?
Possible quick tutorial?


I have tried GHI electronic's uALFAT logger, but sadly it does not handle well in the cold. Which is where I need it. (-80 C) The OpenLog works in that temp. =]
By Woehrle
The OpenLog and a Arduino mini pro have been in a -80 C freezer for about a week now, and it is still logging. =]
I even did a cold start test, where it was without power for 24hrs to see if it would boot up. With this kind of performance from SparkFun equipment we might see a Arduino on a a1 abrams tank. =]

I will post pictures later today.
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By sparky
I must see this picture of an OpenLog on a tank. Or, maybe not....

New v2 firmware is released for the OpenLog. It's still under a bit to test hammering, but it handles 8GB FAT32 SDHC cards swimmingly (I've always wanted to use that word in a sentence). Please give it a whirl:

http://github.com/nseidle/OpenLog/tree/ ... penLog_v2/

It's now an Arduino sketch so firmware updating and changing should be much easier.