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I am working with a 5V sparkfun pro micro.

I am trying to build a keyboard/mouse. I have been fooling around with the controller a bit and now I am experiencing an issue whenever I plug the pro micro into my Macbook Pro usb port. It causes my cursor to move up and to the left, which makes it impossible to try and upload new code to the controller.

I tried to reset the micro by connecting a wire from GND to RST, twice rapidly, to no avail. Is it possible that I bricked the device?


Hi Luke.

I don't think it's bricked since it's still moving the cursor. What you might try doing is uploading an empty sketch or even the Blink example using keyboard shortcuts rather than with a mouse.

Once you have the current sketch off the Pro Micro, you should have control over the cursor again.

One thing you might try while you're developing keyboard and mouse code is to put something in setup that requires a button press or a switch being flipped to continue with the rest of your sketch. That way if you get into this situation again, you just unplug and replug the Pro Micro and don't press the button and then you can upload your revised code.