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I'm struggling to get ESB running on the Sparkfun Pro NRF52840 mini. I successfully set up the toolchain and can build and flash the board. This works fine.

I built the ESB example of the SDK and flashed it on the chip. Running the esb_init(); function works fine, but the chip resets during the
nrf_esb_write_payload(&tx_payload) statement. According to sparkfun, the S140 SoftDevice is preinstalled, is this a problem? Or does the bootloader makes any trouble?

Thank you for your help!


Hi Benjamin.

We do have a hookup guide for the Nordic SDK, but the SDK is more complex than we're able to provide support for and our guide is more of an introduction to an alternative to Arduino.

We would encourage you to try asking in the Nordic Dev Zone for assistance with the SDK and the advanced (i.e. non Arduino) functions on the nRF52840 Mini. You will find experts on the SDK in the Dev Zone and they should be able to help you with your issue.

I'm sorry we weren't able to help more but I'm sure the experts at Nordic will be able to provide answers to your questions.
Hi Chris!

Thank you for your response. Since I've overriden the bootloader and placed the code on the flash base address it worked. So it seems like I had a problem with the flash/memory definition. But anyway, thank you!