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I'm trying to power ESP 32 Thing board with 5v thru the V_RawUSB pin. The board doesn't operate, and the battery charging light flashes. If the board is connected with an USB cable either from a supply or a RaspberryPi it works fine. The voltage on the pin is 5v when supplied by USB connection. What is the best way to supply 5v power to the board?
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By TS-Mark
Hi ke6pi,

You should be able to power the ESP32 Thing with 5V applied to the VUSB pin. I have one on my desk right now running just fine with 5V from an external source. Make sure you have good connections to both VUSB and Ground and also have a clean output that is not spiking over 6V. One other note, if you do apply an external voltage to that pin and plan to use the USB connector, make sure that your voltage is as close to 5V as possible since that voltage is being fed back into your USB port. Anything over 5.25V runs the risk of damaging the USB port on your computer so it is best (when possible) to remove the external power over VUSB when connecting to a computer using the USB connector.

If you still have problems after checking your connections and power supply, can you please take a few photos of your board and the circuit you have it in and attach them to your reply? Please do your best to make sure they are clear and well-lit.