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By guibot
Hi! I am designing a breakout board for the ESP32 Thing Plus, but I still don't have the board with me, and looking to the graphical datasheet it is not clear which of the pins are PWM, could you clarify this for me?
Thanks in advance!
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By guibot
Another thing that it is not clear is the ADC pinout, by this I mean, on the right side it is clear the A0, A1, A2, A3, A4, A5.
On the left side the ADC pin numbers are not clear..

Any hint regarding this will be a great help!!
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By TS-Chris
Hi guibot!

All the pins on the ESP32 WROOM are PWM capable except for module pin#9 (which is pin 33 on our board). Anything in purple on the graphical datasheet is an analog pin and you only need to specify it by it's pin name. For example, if you wanted an analog read on pin 13, this should do the trick for you.
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By TS-Mark
One quick add-on to Chris's reply. The Arduino Core does not have analogWrite working just yet. They are working on it but as of right now that function does not work. The folks at espressif have a couple of alternative options listed in the "Development Status" section of the README in that GitHub repository I linked above.