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By ilker.bekmezci
I am new in electronics. Can you provide us a video to remove Pwr-Led jumper removal and sleep-En jumper usage? The existing tutorial just says that remove PWR-LED jumper. But I don't know how to remove.

I cannot find a complete video tutorial that shows every step of uploading and running a deep-sleep program on SF8266 Thing Dev.
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By TS-Mark
Hi ilker.bekmezci,

I am afraid we do not have a video demonstrating these two options with the SparkFun ESP8266 Thing Dev. To open the LED jumper, you just need to sever the trace connecting the two jumper pads with a razor or Exacto knife. Our How to Work with Jumper Pads and PCB Traces tutorial will be the best resource we have available to demonstrate working with jumpers and PCB traces.

For the sleep jumper usage, you just need to connect RST to XPD to enable sleep. Just remember that with those two pins shorted together, you cannot program the ESP8266 Thing so I would recommend soldering headers to those two pins and then using something like this 2-Pin Jumper to short them together. That way it is easy to get the board out of sleep mode if you need to update the code on your board.

The ESP8266 Thing Dev Graphical Datasheet and the Hardware Overview section of the Hookup Guide will have more information both power-saving options on the board.
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By ilker.bekmezci
First of all, thank you for the quick and very useful reply. Especially jumper cut video was quite satisfactory for me. However, I need some more info about Sleep-EN jumper.
I believe that I understand the deployment and the aim of this jumper. However, I cannot understand the steps of the processes that must be performed for deep-sleep. I am using Arduino IDE and when I press the upload button, it uploads the new program into 8266. So, the sleep-en jumper must be disabled. However, right after the uploading programs starts to run. But, the jumper is off and it cannot run deep-sleep commands properly. When should I put the jumper to run the program properly? Obviously, I am asking this question because I am very new in embedded systems. If you can whatever I should do step-by-step to compile upload and run a deep-sleep program, I will appreciate.