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I would like to connect a SparkFun Thing Plus ESPESP32 WROOM to a MicroSD Breakout With Level Shifter but I can't figure out which pins to use. I can hook it up to a 5V redboard with no problems (so it's not the SD card or the Breakout board). I'm reading conflicting information on which pins to use for CS, DI, SCK, DO, and CD. Any help would be appreciated.
Hi John,

The pins for MISO(19), MOSI(18) and SCK(5) for SPI should be labeled on the bottom of your board and are also labeled in our Graphical Datasheet for the ESP32 Thing Plus. CS and CD can be tied to nearly any other available digital pin on the ESP32 Thing Plus.

I am not sure if the stock SD library that comes packaged with Arduino will compile for the ESP32 but there is an SD library included with the Espressif Arduino-ESP32 Core that should work just fine. This issue from that same GitHub repository covers how that works in a bit more detail.