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Arduino and gps

Posted: Tue Feb 05, 2019 4:48 am
by murphtheboss
So for my final year of school we ahve been tasked with a project of our choice that can be anything.

My project is a system that we would use for one of our co curricular sports being pedal prix. For those that don’t know pedal prix is basically a tricycle in an enclosed aerodynamic shell where u race around a ~2km track. (I refer to the tricycle as a car)

The problem with this event is your car is in an unknown location until it goes past the pit lanes, this means that for 2:30 minutes you have no idea where you car is. The timing is also done manually where u need someone on a stop watch looking for the car and noting lap times.

What my fix to this problem will do is enable automation and communication between the driver and pit crew. But I am stuck here.

So my idea is that I will need three arduino unos, one locates in the car, one at a trackside pole and one in the pit.

I will detail what I would liek each arduino to do.

In the car my plan is to have a couple of LEDs and buttons which will be used for communication, a gps module for tracking, a gyroscope for vehicle information, a speed sensor, a module to send and receive information and a module that can basically let the track side pole knwo it’s there.

On the trackside device I would like it to be able to relay information to the car and also detect when it is in proximity eg when it sensors it is there the timer starts and then when it does a lap it provides me with the time.

And finally in the pit I would liek to have a Bluetooth module which can send information to an app, a control panel which has buttons which send communication to the driver but also the arduino needs to be able to relay all times and other information to the computer.

So my question is what modules or suggestions do u ahve for this sizeable project. If u have an queries ask me I am in desperate need of help.