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By Dodz
Hello ,

I´m developing a System for Signal acquisition in real-time using an MSP430F5438 and send data through UART protocoll. Each sensor got a separate ADC converter so I Need to put together all the samples and define a parse function to decript UART result.

Since I started to work with the first sensor (microphone) I´m defining this system on the basis of Audio requirements : Trying to make the System as symple as possible, I´m recording Audio using a sample frequency of 11000Hz (Resolution 8bit) storing those sample in two circular buffers using DMA0 and once one buffer is full sending those data through UART at 115200 Baud rate (8bit,no parity,1 bit stop).

DMA0 triggered by ADC burst block Transfer (blocksize number of samples)

DMA1 triggered by DMA0 burst block Transfer (blocksize number of samples)

my questions are:

1-It is possible to do that? if yes I would be able to add using DMA2 samples from other sensors (with lower sample frequency)?

2-I´m able to Transfer only filling and drain the same Buffer, how can I define a delay in reading data till first buffer is full?

3-Is this System too complex Is there any way to get the same result easyer?
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