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By avenue33
embedXcode is a Xcode 4 template and supports Arduino, chipKIT / MPIDE, Wiring, LaunchPad MSP430 / Energia and Maple boards / IDEs.


It relies on the Processing-based Wiring-derived Arduino-like IDEs for the chain-tool and the core libraries. Because embedXcode is based on a modular set of makefiles, adding the support for a new board just requires installing the corresponding IDE and adding a specific makefile.

Those makefiles can also be used with other IDEs. I tested them on NetBeans successfully.

Documentation, features, tutorial and download are available at :arrow:

Enjoy :)
By avenue33
New release 16 of embedXcode supports the FraunchPad MSP430FR5739.

embedXcode • Sep 25, 2012 release 16 • Support for FraunchPad

The Document target now builds a PDF file along with HTML and docset files.

Documentation is :arrow: here and download :arrow: there.

Obsolescence Notice
The following features are planned to become obsolete in a future release:
  • Support for Arduino 0023 is planned to be be discontinued.
  • The code for multiple platforms is managed in two ways: the MCU variables like __AVR_ATmega328P__ and the IDE variables like ARDUINO=101. The MCU variables are going to be suspended in favour the IDE variables. This enables a more compact code and an easier maintenance.
By avenue33
Please find the new release of embedXcode
  • Oct 26, 2012 release 18 • Support for Arduino Due
  • Oct 28, 2012 release 19 • Support for StellarPad
  • Nov 09, 2012 release 20 • Support for Teensy 3.0
The user manual has been updated too
  • Nov 09, 2012 release 16 • Updated with new boards
Please note the Arduino 1.5, Energia for StellarPad and Teensy 3.0 softwares are in development.

I've tested build, link and upload successfully for all boards except for the Arduino Due I don't own.

Website :arrow:
Download :arrow:
User guide :arrow:

Enjoy ;)
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