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By Philba
Hey, TI is offering fantastic discounts on their MSP430 development tools. It looks like 50% off. That's an awesome bargain. I've got their zigbee dev stuff on order. Here's the order page. ... y_Code=MCU

Add the code 430ROCKS during checkout to get the discount. Apparently it applies to only one product but it's still a deal. It's also only for today...

edit: hmmm, sorry that the url code thing doesn't work. use copy/paste
By phishguy
The copy and paste doesn't work.
By TheDirty
Sweet! Ordered a EZ430-RF2500.

Shipping to Canada still sucks, but that's always a given. At least it's FedEx.

EDIT: It works on more than one item and ya, looks like 50%.
By Philba
pssst... The promo code still works.
By nhunsperger
Philba wrote:It's also only for today...
Philba wrote:pssst... The promo code still works.
I have a feeling that 430ROCKS refers to MSP430, not April 30 :P
By Philba
That's a logical thought but it was presented in a mailing from TI as a one-time promotion for april 30th.
By TheDirty
I didn't even make the connection with the 430 and the date.

I got my eZ430-RF2500 kit today. Thanks. Won't be able to look at it for a few days, though. Work is going to be tough here.
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By leon_heller
They usually have a 430 Day starting about now, with sessions in most countries. They can be worth attending, as they give away an interesting freebie; I got an MSP430 "wristwatch" at one a few years ago.

By TheDirty
I'm fairly disappointed with the range of the EZ430-RF2500 modules. They will not cover my house and even one floor is a little much for them at times and will cause them to fade in and out. This is strictly using the default sensor reading app that came with them as a test.

I'm assuming WiFi really effects these things, since they are 2.4Ghz.