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By dries
Hi all,

i use the demokit eZ430-RF2500 from TI with a MSP430 on board.
One side of the demokit is a PCB with USB-interface. The driver in windows virtualize the usb to COM.

My question to any of you guys: does anybody knows if the board uses the normal signals that a normal RS-232 protocol also uses? For example:
Ready to Send(RTS), Data set Ready(DSR), Request to send(RTS), Clear to send(CTS),...

I already tried with my java-program but i don't see any changes when i try to trigger on one of the signals above.

Any help with be highly appreciated.

Kind Regards,

By dries
For this topic,

i noticed that the device isn't a RS232-device at all.
You just can read out the device like a RS232 but that's about

For sending something into the device, just shutdown the incoming stream
and start sending out. I really works and you don't have to be interrupted but any other RS232-signals;-)