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Hi guys,

My MSP430-JTAG-RF programmer worked great until I upgraded to the last demo available of the IAR EWB.

The IDE recognized it and was on the middle of the firmware upgrade when the energy was cut-off (A Murphy's Law in progress). Now, the part which goes connected to the uC does not respond anymore to its counterpart and its led does not blink.

I have done a search on the net about this problem and @ the Sparkfun forum, but nothing appears there. I wonder If you guys have any info a about it.

Thank you!

Best regards.
Hi there,

May I insist on my the problem I described before?

I have removed the cover I and found basically a MSP an the RF transceiver on the "end" device.

My guess is that the firmware is updated directly on the MSP memory as I don't see any other component to do that. I see a Jtag port, so, there is a hope that device could be reprogrammed.

Please, give me some lights on this.

Thank you.

Best regards.

the microcontroller is with burned fuse and re-programming via JTAG is not possible
the situation you describe is very unlickely to happend as the bootloader code is separated from application code, the bootloader takes control on reset and will transfer the control to the code only if valid crc is calculated on the firmware, i.e. if your upgrade process have stopped and your memory have no valid crc your JTAG is still in bootloader mode and can be upgraded.

By va
Hi Tsvetan,

I understand what you mention.

Then what could happened to the device?

It is a fact, that device does not work. It cannot been "seen" by the device attached to the computer. What kind of test should I perform in order to get a solution?

Thank you.

Best regards,

you can return your device to us for inspection, right now we can only guess